Monday, May 19, 2014

Caleb is a Champ

Caleb had another great season of basketball. He played on the AAU team the Chargers again, the second year he's played with them. They have really improved as a team and ended up winning the regular season and also won the tournament championship. The Championship was very exciting game against their big rival, the Rockets. AAU makes a big deal out of the championship game, they play in a high school gym to accommodate for the bigger crowds. They have player introductions before tip-off and the winners get to cut down the nets.  It was a well played game by both teams. Caleb was pretty nervous before the game, although he'd deny it.  Similarly to the rest of the season, Caleb played a big role in the game with his rebounding and defense. He still made his usual shots on offense but his defense is has become the reason why his coach plays him the majority of the game. With the score close in the forth quarter, Caleb made a pivotal play by taking a charge from the Rockets' best player. It got the his teammates, coaches,  and the crowd out of their seats cheering. I thought his coach was going to have a heart-attack from his enthusiastic cheering and fist-pumping. I may have jumped back from the scorer's table for a few fist pumps myself.
  I'm very proud of Caleb. He practiced hard and continues to improve. It's been a blast sharing our love for basketball together.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Broke Again

Abby came home from her friend's birthday party on Wednesday with an ice bag on her wrist. She said that she had fallen backwords and had tried to break her fall. As a good Dad and Nurse (Durse?), I comforted her and gave her another ice bag and some ibuprofin...Same thing on Thursday...Monica did the same thing on Friday...On Saturday, her wrist still hurt. We decided to take her to Urgent Care Saturday morning to get some X-rays and sure enough, the little stinker, 8, had broken a bone for the 4th time! It always amazes me how tough Abby can be through sickness and pain (though it's a very different story when a friend a school hurts her feelings).
  She's doing great. The nurse put her arm in a splint and we expect she'll be put in a cast soon. She's enjoying the attention at home and at school I'm sure.  As usual, she continues to have a glowing energy that always lights up the room, even when she's broken.
  Update:  All went well with the cast (pink of course).  She had it cut off 5 weeks later and now is looking forward to getting the next one.

Baseball, baseball, more baseball

Caleb played Pony-league for the Mead Bombers this spring. It's been a much different season than last year. Last year's team was the best in the area, but it wasn't the type of enviroment that we were prepared for, nor did he enjoy it that much. The coaches, parents, and players took the sport much more serious than Caleb or any of us did. We found a new team this year that isn't near as good, in fact they have only won a handful of games, but Caleb has really enjoyed the season.  And he's improved a ton, which has been fun to watch. With every good hit or good play, his confidence and smile seem to grow.

Caleb playing Basketball and Volleyball

Pics from Caleb's AAU basketball and his school volleyball team. 

Road trip to Medford

We took a fun trip down to Medford last 4th of July.  Lots of good times, fun memories and great weather.