Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hawaiin Days in the snow

Caleb, Abby and I headed up with Grandpa Stu to 49 Degrees North for some skiing and watching fools freeze. It's an annual event at our home resort when people try to ski/board across a pond of water. Always entertaining and fun. Caleb and Abby even got a small education as one of the participants dressed up as Elvis. Caleb and Abby had no idea who was Elvis, I did my best in explaining he was the king of rock and roll. Other than thinking that he was popular when I was young, I think they got the idea.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silver Mtn Weekend

We spent the weekend up at Silver Mtn resort a couple weekends ago. It's a pretty cool resort about an hour from Spokane over in Kellog, ID. The ski hill is reached using a gondola which is always fun. Our stay also included access to the resort's indoor water park where we spend a couple days. The water park has one of those surfing waves for me to use on my quest to become a surfer. I've got the hair down, now I just need the skills.
The skiing was spring-like conditions. And then we got a taste of summer at the water park.