Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Caleb

Tomorrow, you start kindergarten. I've tried to explain that you'll be in school for the next 20 years, so just take it one day at a time.. but you don't seem to be catching my sarcasm.
I'm stunned that you are now entering public education. My boy is growing up. You haven't even started full-day school and I already miss my helper.
You're growing up too fast. A few days ago you liked watching Oobi and Scooby Doo, but now you watch Icarly and 'Drake and Josh'. Your Mom was quizzing you the other day if you knew what the show was about and asked you if you knew what a 'date' was and you answered "Mom...come on, you's when a boy and a girl go to a restaurant and then do something fun". You're only six!! Stop that!
I remember before you were born wanting you so bad it hurt. And your life has brought me more joy than I thought. You are everything I could want in a son. I am deeply humbled that God has been so good to me that he sent you to me. God sent me a Jazz fan, how lucky is that!! I promise that in return to the blessing of being your Dad, I will give you every opportunity in the world to be successful and happy.
So as you move on to the "big" school. Please know that I love you very much. You make me heart melt. You make one of the happiest men alive smile often. You, along with your mom and sister, are my passion. Have a good day son.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why would you take pictures of naked men?

I'm lucky to have great parents and yhen to have married into some great parents-in-law too. My Pa-in-law, Stuart, and I have spent a lot of time together the last couple years. We've had a lot of fun, got a lot done, and he's taught me a ton (I'm a poet and didn't know it??). Other than learning to fix things, save money, and sail, one of the greatest attributes that the Stu-man has is that he doesn't care what you think. And I love that about him (That's why I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind me telling this story) Though, he may have taken his care-free attitude a little too far a few days ago.
We were at a water-slide park for a family-day and following the water time I took Caleb to change out of our wet clothes. To avoid my hair from looking like a dog had just been attacked by a fire hose, I had brought some shampoo to wash my goldie-locks. But in the wide-open men's locker room, there wasn't a shower? I'm still a little confused of the lack of showers, but I digress. So I started washing my hair in the next best thing, the sink (You didn't think I was going to say the urinal, did you?) As I was finishing up rinsing my hair hunched over in the sink, I noted a camera flash. I turned around to see Stuart taking pictures of me. He was just about to laugh about it, when a big ole' burly, Harley-riding, beast-of-a-man growled, "Who's taking pictures in the locker room!" I'm pretty sure Stu would have crawled on his hands and knees along the gross floor if he could have. The big ole dude turned around from the urinal and looked right at Stu and repeated his roar, "Are you taking pictures in the men's locker room?" Stuart sheepishly tried to explain that he was just taking pictures of a guy washing his hair in the sink, but it was too late. I had locked up the moment in my head under the hilarious file. Good times. I love you Stu. At least I didn't tell the story about you jumping and screaming at little garder snake to only have a girl come over and pick it up with her hands and place it in a bucket for you. I always wondered where Monica got her snake-fighting here)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Surfing On Water

One of my favorite sports has become Wakesurfing. It's a sport that's evolved over the last 10 years from wakeboard boats that put up huge wakes.

It's a load of fun and easy on the body, since the boat is only going 10 mph. I can't pull huge tricks, but I have been placing my kids on the surf board between my feet since they could stand.

It's gotten a little more tricky as they're a lot heavier than before but we all have a blast. The coolest thing though is that now Caleb and Abby want to surf with their Dad. Having them not scared of the water is a plus, but having them still think their Dad is cool is sweet. I'm figuring that the "cool Dad" time is slipping away quickly, so I'll relish every moment I can.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Silver, Not Wood..Silverwood

We spent the day with the inlaw clan at the local amusement ride park called Silverwood. For being in the middle of nowhere, it's a fun place to blow through money. We spent the first half of the day at the water park and then the rest of the day on the rides.
The water park was full of wild kids, scantley-clad large women, germs, hairy men, and don't forget the guy with the tatoo all over his head and face. God bless America.
Speaking of scantely clad, Monica smuggled in some home-made cookies into the park despite the rules. What we hadn't planned for was some 14 year old kid with a plastic security badge checking everyones bags. The dude pulled out the box of said contra band and asked Mon what was inside the box. Mon played it cool though and while unbuttoning her blouse a few notches said in her sexy voice, "we have little kids who need cookies". The kid was rattled by Mon's sex appeal and let her take the illegal cookies in. Way to go Mon!

The afternoon evening was spent watching the kids on the kiddy rides and taking in a few roller coster for the grown-ups. They have a new roller coaster that was probably the most thrilling coaster I've ridden called the Aftershock. I took Caleb on a older wooden roller coaster and he had fun. I watched him the whole time sitting next to me and he shear terrror in his face. It was very similiar to the look he had at Lego Land. But again, he said he had fun and wanted to know what ride was next.

We all had fun. A big shout-out goes to Stu and Cody for footing the bill.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

That Boy is a Stud

For those who are new to me, I love sports. If I spent as much time working on world peace that I do following sports, Pres Bush and Muhoud Ahmadinejad would be making out in back of a Volkswagen bus right now (Monica, that's the pres of Iran...he's considered an enemy to the U.S.). And I don't just follow pro sports, I can watch a high school game and enjoy myself just as much. I'm a looser, I know. And I don't want to push my kids into sports, but I do buy their food and provide them with clothes, so it might be a good idea that they play sports. And they should also be really good, if they want those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets to keep coming.

Caleb went to a sports camp this week. Every morning they played Tee-ball, basketball, and soccer. He had a blast and wanted to show me what he learned every day after camp. On Friday, the last day, the parent were invited to watch the kids play.

Caleb was really in his element. He got to play competitive basketball for the first time, they even had little basketball hoops with little balls for the 5-6 year olds. Caleb was money. He never dribbled the ball once, despite the counselor yelling, "Caleb, you have to dribble the ball", but when he shot the ball, it was a thing of beauty. He even dunked once and pulled down the wimpy rim, just like we do at home. I hope he enjoys slam dunking now, since he is the son of two very white parents. I also got to watch him play T-ball and soccer, again he was one of the most aggressive kids playing. I was in heaven. The boy is a stud and I get to watch him every day for the next 20 years.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Non Family Re-union

My in-laws have a tradition of inviting a family to their lake house each summer. They sometimes refer to it as a family reunion, but since half the people attending are not related, Monica and I call it the non-family reunion. It's a weekend of food, lake time, more food, sun, friends, and more food. Did I mention the food is always good?

This year was no different. The weather was a little confused, but we took advantage of the windy conditions by sailing and when the weather was calm, we wakeboarded and wake surfed.

As with any extended period of time with my in-laws, I stuck my foot in my mouth about every 15 min. You'd think we'd all be use to me being a dork by now, but I try to keep my insult to appollogy ratio at 1:1.

The kids did great. We tried to be adventurous by staying a night in a tent at the lake (instead of driving 22 min to our comfy beds in our own bedrooms separated by walls 15 feet apart). I think we'll wait until Abby stops screaming in her sleep before we attempt a family tent night again. Caleb and Abby ran all day long with there cousins, aunts and uncles. Their energy level is staggering. Good times.