Sunday, October 14, 2007

Killer Snakes

Speaking of snakes..funny story from Monica. I'll tell you since she
won't. She was taking the trash can out to the street yesterday. (I know,
that's enough of a story right there, but there's more). As she was
pulling the can from the garage, that huge Garder/Python snake I've told you
about came onto the driveway. To keep the beast from entering the garage,
Mon grabed her secret weapon...a can of Raid. She sprayed the snake as to
tell it "Don't mess with me or my insect repellent". The snake did stop
though. Then it got wierd. Mon claims the snake made a coughing movement,
I think it was laughing at the can of Raid. Never-the-less, the stange
snake movement caused a small/large frog to jump from the snakes mouth. Mon
thougt she had just saved the frog's life, but after taking out the trash
and seeing the frog still in the same spot, she realized that she had not
only made a snake laugh, but she had also killed a frog in the process.
Good times in the boonies.