Friday, May 9, 2008

Swinging for the Fence

Caleb had his first T-tall practice today. I missed it due to work, so Mon took him. I hate the idea of missing this kinda stuff. My good friend Jamie will kill me for missing it. His parents never went to his soccer games and I'm pretty sure he suffered psychologically, but he'd never admit it.
I've been trying to teach baseball to Caleb the last few weeks, it's not easy though with two people playing a game. One thing he has learned though, is how to hit a home run. He even asked Monica as they walked on to the field, "mom, you just show me were the fence is, so I can hit a home run". That's my boy! Swing for the fence every time!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caleb's First Hickey....Age 5

Our kids constantly have food around their mouth. Caleb is getting better, but Abby has some serious dexterity problems placing food directly in her mouth. She eats like a bad golfer continually trying for the hole, but can take 4-5 times missing before finally getting it in. Maybe it has something to do with her ET-like fingers. I hope she's an athlete when she's older, she'll be able to control a softball or basketball like you and I hold a pin-pong ball. Anyway, it seems like I'm constantly wiping the kids face and I didn't think much of it when Caleb had a dark ring around his mouth a few days ago. Like he had recently drank some grape kool-aide. But when I finally got around to wiping it off (we must have been expecting company), I noticed it was far more than juice. It looked like he had a bruise around his mouth??? The light bulb went off in my tiny head when I remembered him playing with my shop-vac earlier in the day...and the size of the bruise confirmed it...Caleb had given himself a hickey with the vacume. I had to threaten to take him to the doctor and get a shot for him to tell me that he had sucked face with the vacuum, but I got it out of him. My son's first hickey, should I be proud or embarrassed. Though, I think I would prefer him giving hickeys to other people (Girls Lord, please only girls!) rather than himself. Good times

Monday, May 5, 2008

Packing Used Diapers

When unpacking the kids suitcases today. I found a wet diaper in Abby's that smell. That 5 lb wet diaper probably cost me $4 in gas bringing it back home.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rubbing Feet Helps Keep Children Out of Jail

When Caleb and Abby fall asleep in their car seats, they usually wake up screaming in pain while grabbing their feet. I take this to mean that their feet have fallen asleep, which does hurt, and usually after a few rubs on their little footsies, they fall back asleep. Today the same thing happened, but after I rubbed Caleb's feet for a few minutes I was overcome by a flood of memories dating back to when I was a kid. My mom use to rub my feet too! I vividly remember my feet being sore and my mom making them feel better by rubbing them. It felt so good when mom made that pain go away. Thanks mom.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shopping for Sea Shell Ash Trays

We're spending the weekend in Seaside, OR. Mon is selling her scrapbook stuff at a retreat here, so we made a short family vacation out of it. Can you say, "write-off"? It's been going well. Mon's pretty busy, so it's just me and the kidos all day. Thank goodness for the heated pool at our condo. Nice pools are great for several reasons including cheap entertainment (no, I'm not referring to the fat chicks in bikinis) and the kids get tired and crash once back in the condo. Which leaves more time for me to watch NBA playoffs and eat cookie dough. (my diet goes to hell when I'm on vacation). We had a near disaster in the pool today with Abby's quick acting bowels. Ironically, just two weeks ago in Oceanside, they closed the condo pool because some kid (I assume it was a kid) squeezed out a loaf in the pool. Abby nearly pulled off the same trick...twice! Both times I grabbed her and carried her with my hand over her butt and ran to the bathroom. I think she's eaten two many McNuggets on this trip, because it sounded like barbecue sauce coming out her cute bum. Good times.
Seaside is quite the town. Though there's no way this town could exist if it weren't for polished sea shells, white trash tourists, and every ocean-themed nick-nac known to man. Do people really buy this crap? Ash trays made out of sea shells? A conch carved to hold a whiskey bottle? Has civilization stopped progressing?