Friday, February 8, 2013

Hockey Night!

It may seem that I'm forcing my kids into becoming sports fans. It's true. I am. We've become quite the hockey enthusiasts since moving to Spokane, mainly by following the Spokane Chiefs. We typically like to go early and watch the teams warm up. It gives us a little more of a chance to interact with the players and good chance to catch a errant puck (Which we got this game).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lady zags with my Lil' lady

I happened into some women's basketball tickets at the last moment on Saturday. I'm not a women's basketball fan but I knew it would a great memory for Abby. The zags were playing their cross-town rival WSU and it was sure to be an exciting atmosphere.
It took about 120 miles to get the tickets, take Caleb to his game and then get to the zags game, but we made it. We had a great time. It was sold out game and very close. The lady Zags ended up losing in the end. No matter, Abby and I had a great day together.
During halftime while walking around, I brushed shoulders with my childhood hero John Stockton. Abby was even excited for me. She even found him in the crowd and took a pic, do you see him? About 7 rows up near the aisle. His wife is a blond in a white shirt.
The following week we scored some front row sears from my manager and watched the lady zags take down BYU. Always a personal treat.