Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lights, camera....action!!

Several months ago, the kids' school music instructor suggested we sign Abby up for a local kids' theater program. It says a little bit on how Abby behaves in music class, but we all agreed that it may be good for Abby. She was signed up for a short theatrical version of Sleeping Beauty. After a quick reading by the young girls, Abby was selected to the most coveted role, Aurora, the princess herself. She had weekly practices at Spokane's civic theater and practiced all her lines at home as well. It didn't take long to realize this was a perfect fit for Abby. She loves it.  She's already signed up to perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a few weeks.
 She did great in her first performance. We were very proud of her.  Here's a video of most of Abby's lines during her final performance. Click on the YouTube link.

 (I apologize for misspelling Aurora).

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Caleb's basketball

Caleb just completed his first year in AAU basketball.  He played on a the Chargers 10U team, a good team that really improved over the year, mostly due to their excellent coach.  It turns out Caleb is tall for his age, who would of thunk? He learned the post position this season and by the end of the year was a rebounding fool.  He started about half the games and always played a significant amount of minutes, a statistic that reflects how much he improved over the course of the year. This was his first time playing competitive basketball. The team placed in several tournaments and placed 3rd in the final AAU tournament, though their team did beat the number one seed in the semifinals.  I'll post some video of that game below.  Caleb had a big steal with about a minute left and then with the Chargers only up one point and 5.5 seconds left, Caleb was fouled in the act of shooting and made 1 of 2 free throws to seal up the victory. His reaction is priceless.
(A reminder that you need to visit the actual website to view the videos)

PS. You'll notice that Caleb's number is 12 in John Stockton's gym...that's my boy!!

Skiing Season

It's been a fairly crappy winter season. We've got plenty of snow, but we got the majority of it early and  not much new snow through the season. We've still gotten in plenty of trips to the mountain though! If I'm gonna buy a season pass for you, you are gonna use it.
  Here's a few pics from this year so far. Included is a couple pics of a drive up to the mountain and Abby being a ham for the camera. Photo bomb!