Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip

For spring break, I took the kids on a road trip to several states and destinations.  We first made the trek to  Salt Lake City where we watched their first Utah Jazz game. We got there early to watch the players practice, had dinner at the arena and then watched a very exciting game.  The kids got to experience the  whole NBA atmosphere, they even were on the jumbo-tron several times thanks to the fun kids sitting behind us that liked to scream and dance. 
  We visited my Grandma Rush both days we were in Utah. She's now 86 and hadn't seen the kids since they were tiny. It was very special to see my kids and grandma together. And only at 8 years old, Abby is nearly as tall as her Great Grandma.
 We spent Easter in downtown Salt Lake, which I figured would be nice around Temple Square.  But after the kids got some history lessons about their extended family, there was not a place to eat open for miles.  We took the train and kept our eyes open for a place to get some food and were pleased to finally find a sandwich shop.
  The next morning we made the drive up to Jackson Hole and stayed in beautiful log cabin bed -n- breakfast.  It was the first time in such a place for me and was a little odd being among strangers, but leave it to Abby to learn every one's names and make new friends for all of us. 
 The next couple days we spent at a hot springs near Butte, Montana.  Fairmont springs exceeded our expectations with it's fun pools and fast water-slide. The kids roamed the resort all day while I got some nice reading done, a perfect match. 
 It was a great trip overall.  We put lots of miles under us and I tried to take lots of back roads with lots of fun stops.