Friday, May 31, 2013

Born to run?

A funny thing about watching Caleb in his different sports, is that he has very long strides when he runs and it's difficult to tell if he's running fast or not. He appears to run slow, but he also passes kids when he runs next to him.  In fact, several of his coaches have gotten on him and tried to motivate him to run faster...  Well, we now know that he can indeed run fast.  He signed up for his elementary's track team.  I was all for more activities to keep his mind and body occupied from all the changes in our family. He chose several events, the javelin, long jump, 400m, and 100 X 4 relay.  The practiced 3 days a week after school for about a month and then had one dual meet to see who would qualify for the district meet. He qualified as the second 4th grader from his school in the 400m race.
  I was a bit skeptical of his ability to run that fast for such a distance, but he completely blew me away.  He smoked the competition and had he not slowed down near the finish, he would have won by 20 feet. It was a great moment. Monica and I are very proud of him.   But the bad news is now his coaches, some of whom were present at the track meet, now know that Caleb can indeed run fast.