Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Caleb Playing for Gonzaga

Caleb's soccer team, The Spokane Pumas, was invited to Gonzaga Men's soccer game last week. As the Zag's guests, each kid was escorted by a Zag player during the teams introductions. And then at half-time, they school set up some smaller goals on the pitch and the Pumas played in a short scrimmage. The crowd cheered on the kids as if they were the stars!

Grown-up Hair Cut

It needed to be done! After someone came up from behind me last week and said, "excuse me ma'am", it was time to get a trim. 
This may not be big news in your world, but it is in mine!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School Fall 2011

Both Caleb, 9,  and Abby, 7,  have been excited for a few weeks to return to school.  Abby was especially excited to be at school for the full day and enjoy the fine cuisine of the elementary cafeteria and of course, recess.  Hearing her talk about recess makes me miss recess!
  As a parent, I couldn't be more proud of how well they are doing in school.  They both are confident and happy to start the adventure of a new school year.
  The night before the 1st day of school I had a nice chat with both Caleb and Abby separately.  Abby told me that she was nervous that she didn't know everyone in her class.  And sometimes it takes her a long time to learn every kids' names.  I assured her that she'd learn their names soon enough.  Ever the social butterfly, it will only be a matter of days before her new teacher will be asking Abby to not be chit-chatting during work-time.
  Caleb and I had a nice chat about swear words.  I asked Caleb if he knew what swear words were and if he hears them much.  Caleb likes to pretend to be much more innocent than he really is, like he's never heard any cuss words.  When I asked him if he knew any swear words, his smooth answer was, "they always beep out the words, so I don't know what they're saying".  We went over many swear words and their respective definitions with the instructions that he never use them.  We'll see how well that works out.
 Monica and I have taken advantage of the free day-care and warm weather by spending the last few days together, including a great day of just floating on the boat staring into each others eyes.